Eyelid Surgery Insurance Coverage

Eyelid Surgery Insurance Coverage. Depending on how your insurance is structured, you may need referrals, approvals and testing before your insurance company covers the procedure. Here's the easiest way to understand how when does insurance cover eyelid surgery?

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While the removal of excess skin can have aesthetic benefits, it can also many purely cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance providers because they are elective in nature. This is because it is considered a cosmetic procedure, and those procedures are not covered by insurance plans. If you believe your eyelids surgery meets your insurance policy's criteria for coverage in certain instances, insurance will cover upper eyelid skin removal if it is interfering with vision.

If you're getting eyelid surgery for a medical reason (for instance, because your eyelids are drooping so much that it affects your vision), and if a vision test confirms that, your insurance company may cover it.

Though it's a medical procedure, lasik emblem health considers lasik a cosmetic procedure, similar to an eyelid lift or a breast implant surgery. Medications to avoid before and after surgery. For minor drooping, a small amount of the eyelid tissue can be removed. If the droopiness of your eyelids is impairing your vision or is otherwise affecting the functionality of your eyes, it is possible that your insurance may cover all.