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. Protect your stuff from the unexpected and don't count on your landlord's renters insurance is for tenants renting an apartment, condo, or home. What other renters insurance features are available?

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Most renters insurance has liability coverage up to a certain amount. Renters insurance helps protect yourself and your belongings if the unexpected happens. .renters insurance coverage generally pays for additional living expenses as your home is.

Renters insurance and homeowners insurance offer similar benefits for occupants and if the home is a rental, the landlord would insure the property, while the renter is responsible for insuring the.

What does renters insurance from metlife auto & home cover? A renters insurance policy protects you and the belongings in your rented property and also protects you from liability with insurify, you can quickly access free quotes on auto, home, and life insurance. Tenants or home renters insurance offers protection for all material assets, as well as liability coverage for a resident occupying an apartment, condo, or single household. This is what protects all of your personal belongings, from electronics and furniture to clothes and jewelry.