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Insurance Broker Vs Insurance Agent Pictures. Insurance brokers represent the buyer, while agents represent the insurance companies. In the years past an insurance broker had more there are basically two choices let us help with your insurance quotes at or we can refer you to a local insurance broker in your.

Insurance Broker vs. Insurance Agent - What's the ...
Insurance Broker vs. Insurance Agent – What's the … from

A distinction with a difference. The main agenda of insurance brokers vs insurance agents these firms are fulfilling the customer need and providing advice to choose right path. The andrew agency answers this question in a short video.

There are also some differences in compensation of insurance agents and insurance brokers:

Unlike captive and independent agents, who represent one or more insurance companies, a broker's primary duty is to the client. Small business owners purchase business insurance from either an insurance agent or insurance broker. Who would you rather have working for you? Upon achieving the certification, a broker can offer professional advice and acts as an intermediary.