Rental Car Insurance Coverage

Rental Car Insurance Coverage. Not surprisingly, rental car insurance is at the top of this second list. Primary coverage means the policy is the first to pay the costs.

Rental Car Insurance: What Does It Cover Exactly ...
Rental Car Insurance: What Does It Cover Exactly … from

Before renting, familiarize yourself with all your insurance options. Premium car rental protection details. Hire car insurance works quite differently from the insurance you'll have on your own car.

You could also call your credit card company:

Following the steps below can help you determine whether you're already covered and if additional rental car insurance is a waste of money for you. Your personal auto policy may not cover you, but your employer's insurance with erie, basic rental car coverage is automatically included in most states if you've purchased comprehensive coverage. Qdo i need rental car insurance? Do i need rental car reimbursement coverage and if so, how much?